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Do you call the lovely state of South Dakota your dwelling? Have you ever been facing tax problems with the federal government? We serve all residents of South Dakota, from the largest cities, to the smallest small towns. Therefore whether you live in the big cities such as Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Brookings or Watertown, or one of the smaller towns in between, our team is there to help you.

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In an industry tainted with frauds and scammers, our firm has survived the test of time.

Since we’ve been in business, this base of ethos has led us to a BBB A rating. We’ve got a large number of customers throughout the nation, all willing to tell you how greatly liked our service. We try to our customers as our first priority, because we believe because of that, company will go nicely.

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So know the very best methods for negotiating together with the IRS on your behalf we do tax relief on a daily basis. Whether you have had an infraction slapped on (like a wage garnishment, bank levy or tax lien), or merely have unfiled tax returns from a number of years that you have not paid – we can help. We’re experts at getting our clients into programs that significantly decrease the amount they owe (offer in compromise arrangement, fee abatement, innocent spouse, etc), and may expand their payment periods over time instead of all at once (like an installment agreement).

The top potential thing you might do right away, is to take actions to avoid interest costs and additional penalties in the future. The the more time you wait, the more you will owe the IRS. They adore to stop at nothing to collect the money they’re owed, and will pursue you to the ends of the world to do this.

Our skilled tax law firm has the experience and know-how to get the very best results for anyone. We have the links, phone numbers, and standing in order to demand results for customers, and save them a ton of money along the way, and deal with them an ongoing, constant basis.

We have a team of tax specialists ready to field your call, and walk through your individual situation to learn what needs to be done, and where you stand.

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